Participating Cafés

*Make sure your GPS option is active on your smartphone or tablet to see your realtime location


How to find a café:

1. If location services or gps is enabled on your device, the map will automatically find you and show nearby cafes.

2. If this function is not enabled on your device, simply enter the address of the location you would like to search for a café in. (e.g. 1 Center Street, Anytown, USA)

3. An interactive map will show your location and the locations of supporting cafes near you. Click on café for information.


How to sign up café:
  1. Click the “Request Add Cafe” Button above and fill out the online form and submit. Please include your social media info or website and a good contact email. (administrator need to approve a cafe before becoming enabled on the map)
  2. Send us a request to join our Suspended Coffees Supporting Cafés Group (
  3. Display the Suspended Coffees logo and/or flier in your café
  4. Create a tally system for tracking suspended coffees that works for your café.  This includes a judgment free way for people to redeem them.
  5. Help get the word out about what the movement is all about and encourage patrons to spread the word about Suspended Coffees donated
  6. Have fliers, kindness cards or loyalty cards available for patrons
  7. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
  8. Communicate with us on a regular basis through Facebook and Twitter, keeping us up to date on your progress, your coffee counts or any stories you wish us to share